Wow…that was quite a ride. We learned more than you could ever know from this. There were bumps, bruises, highs and insights – and an energy around this that will never be replaced. From our perspective, 90days was an enormous success – it was a clear indication of how transparency and openness can have positive and lasting benefits to a business. We’re thinking about how to extend John’s influence on the business. This chapter may be closed, but the book certainly isn’t.

Outside of the concept of a social experiment in corporate transparency, 90days was also an effort to drive home the importance of artistic culture in the workplace. Continuing in that vein, we have another short two-week project that’s launching immediately.

What happens when the same concept as 90days is applied to canvas? We aim to find out.

For the next 10 days, painter Seth Minkin will be sharing space in the Hive, producing sketches and paintings. Each day’s works will be posted live for people to see, review, comment on – and then will be placed on Ebay where anyone who is interested can bid on it for keeps [with 20% of proceeds being donated to Boston Center for the Arts].

Head on over to 10 Days to find out more.

As for 90days, I think John has said there’s all to say on the subject, and as usual, he’s said it very, very well.

Thanks for reading.

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