So, we’re on our way. Butman is here. The 90 Days have officially started. I somehow managed to get everyone on board with this.

Time for me to duck out and let Butman do what he does best. I’ll leave you with the first email I sent to him about the idea…


——– Original Message ——–

Subject: Project On My Mind, I Can’t Shake
Date: Thu, 05 Jan 2006 23:10:37 -0500
From: Dave Balter
Reply-To: dave balter
Organization: BzzAgent, Inc.
To: John Butman
Doc -

I got an idea.

What do you think about a 3 month on staff writing gig at BzzAgent.

It's simple.  The company just got about $15 million in funding [true].

I want to have you document the company for 3 months - in writing.  To
the world.  We'll set it up as a blog - people can respond to the daily

You hang out in the office.  Write about the real internal workings.
What's really happening.

It's like a reality show.  But written.  Cheap to produce.  Fun to watch.

We take the idea of the BeeLog and we turn it up a dozen notches.  In
real time.  Do something no company has ever done before.

We could get very creative with this.  Plus, I think you’d like the
energy in the office right now - and would enjoy your energy around as
well. [you can certainly work on other projects while there, if you want].

You in?